Education Loan

Type Rate of Interest Tenure
Education Loan 9.00% p.a. 10 Years

Features & Benefits

  1. Businessman or Salaried Persons & their children can avail loan for higher or Professional education.
  2. Low cost, No Prepayment charges.
  3. Guarantee based loan.
  4. Repayment through Cheque/ECS.
  5. Loan Limit 80% of the Fees or 50% of market value of the security which ever is less.
  6. Repayment period Upto maximum 120 Months.
  7. Moratorium period of course period + 1 year.
  8. Interest to be served during the moratorium period.


  1. Applicants in case being child taking education will be borrower and parents will be co-borrower. 
  2. Applicant having/ ready to have membership & having confirmed services with salary slip  (ITR & Business Proof for Businessmen).

Required Documents

  1. Residential/ ID / Income Proofs – ITR/Business Proof/ Photos of Borrower & 2 Guarantors.
  2. Bank Statement.
  3. Admission Approval Letter with estimated fee Structure of Degree/Diploma.

Apply for Loan

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